Registration are now only available on-site

The above mentioned fees include VAT.

Click here to register and/or book a hotel room


The registration fee for the Conference in Monaco includes:
Participation in all scientific sessions
Visit of the Exhibition area
Welcome Reception (9 April)
Opening Ceremony (10 April)
Buffet lunch and coffee breaks (10, 11, 12 April)
Conference kit, certificate of attendance

The registration fee for accompanying persons includes:
Welcome Reception (9 April)
Buffet lunch and coffee breaks (10, 11 ,12 April)

Conference shuttle service
Please note that transfers by shuttle from/to the Airport will be provided to individual participants, running all day from Nice Cote d’Azur Airport to Monaco on Wednesday 9 April and back from Monaco to Nice Cote d’Azur Airport on Sunday 13 April.

Confirmation of registration
Upon receipt of the relevant payment, all participants will receive an invoice that will serve as registration confirmation.

Cancellation policy for registration
Notification of cancellation of registration booking must be sent in writing to Publi Créations:
by email or by fax at the following number +37797973550

Refund conditions for registration:
For any cancellation received before 28 February 2014, the payment will be refunded after the Conference, less 30% of the amount paid.
For any cancellation received after 1 March 2014, no refund will be provided.

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