Dear Participants, Dear Friends,

Welcome to Tokyo for the 2019 IOC Advanced Team Physician Course.

Protecting the health of the athletes is one of the major priorities for the International Olympic Committee and its Medical and Scientific Commission, which I have the privilege to chair.

As risks are inherent to the practice of sport, we also work closely with medical and sports science experts from around the world to share the latest insights into the field of injury and illness prevention in sport, as we strive to keep the athletes as fit and healthy as possible. As I am myself from the medical profession, I know how important it is to be aware of the latest research and medical practices and to be able to use them to serve the athletes in the best way possible.

Sharing this knowledge and establishing concrete measures will be the main focus of this 11th edition of the IOC Advanced Team Physician Course. This course is geared towards the practical issues of working with high-level athletes in a team sports setting.
You will learn some new things from the best! Together we will address controversial topics and present new evidence on diagnosis and treatment. Together we will challenge existing dogma.

Apart from our scientific discussions, we will also have the opportunity to foster networking thanks to a social programme which – I am convinced – will receive once again your full approval.

Our wish is to further build with all of you, the most effective education and knowledge in the important field of protecting athletes’ health, and thus to ensure the best possible care for your athletes. It is even more important as this ATPC edition will be held one year before the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

My thanks go to all the organisations for their support and for their involvement in staging this course.
Looking forward to your active participation and contribution and to seeing you all in Tokyo in July 2019.