Tuesday 25 September

Session 1: Working as a team physician – challenges and strategies

The scientific activities of the IOC Medical Commission >>>
Lars Engebretsen, Switzerland/Norway 

The Olympic Movement Medical Code – How does it apply to you as team physician? >>> 
Richard Budgett, Switzerland 

WADA activities update >>>
Olivier Rabin, Canada 

Understanding the Prohibited List and dietary supplements – keeping you and your athletes out of trouble >>>
Alan Vernec, Canada 

Using social media to get the message out >>>
Nirmala Perera, Australia/Sri Lanka

Biggest challenges facing team physician >>>
Irina Zelenkova, Russia 

Tuesday 25 September

Session 2: Hamstring injuries: Optimal treatment – minimal risk of reinjury

Muscle regeneration after injury >>>
Haydar A. Demirel, Turkey 

Classifying muscle injuries: useless or useful? >>>
Johannes Tol, The Netherlands/Qatar 

What are the keys to rehabilitation success? >>>
Rod Whiteley, Qatar 

Predicting prognosis–accurate classification or flawed fortunetelling? >>>
Johannes Tol, The Netherlands/Qatar 

When everything fails – what is the role of surgery in hamstring injuries? >>>
Gino Kerkhoffs, The Netherlands 

Tuesday 25 September

Session 4: Managing concussions in the team setting

The 2016 Berlin Concussion Consensus Guidelines – what is new? >>>
Jiří Dvořák, Switzerland

Acute sideline assessment and the role of the SCAT5 >>>
Simon Kemp, United Kingdom 

The role of active rehabilitation – taking a targeted approach to therapy >>>
Willem Meeuwisse, Canada

Hands on with the SCAT5 – workshop participation >>>
Simon Kemp, United Kingdom & Willem Meeuwisse, Canada & Jiří Dvořák, Switzerland 

Wednesday 26 September

Session 6: Novel approaches to the treatment of tendinopathy – the case of the patellar tendon

What is tendinopathy and why does it happen? >>>
Michael Kjær, Denmark 

The clinical assessment: history, physical examination, load assessment, demand >>>
Rod Whiteley, Qatar 

Physiotherapy management: First line >>>
Ben Clarsen, Norway 

Shock wave therapy, platelet-rich plasma or pharmaceutical treatments? >>>
Johannes Tol, The Netherlands/Qatar 

Does surgery work? >>>
Jón Karlsson, Sweden 

Thursday 27 September

Session 9: Ankle injuries – when you hear hoof beats, think horse, but don’t forget the zebra

Sideline management of ankle sprains – assessment and initial treatment >>>
Roald Bahr, Norway/Qatar

High ankle sprains – assessment and treatment >>>
Gino Kerkhoffs, The Netherlands 

Peroneus tendon injuries – assessment and treatment >>>
Jón Karlsson, Sweden 

Midfoot sprains – assessment and treatment >>>
Gino Kerkhoffs, The Netherlands 

Thursday 27 September

Session 10: Return to sport: How do we make the best medical decisions?

A decision-based model for return to play in sport >>>
Roald Bahr, Norway/Qatar 

What is the best practice for medical decision making in return to play? >>>
Martin Schwellnus, South Africa 

Can imaging help make return to play decisions? >>>
Adam Weir, The Netherlands/Qatar 

How can functional testing help make return to play decisions? >>>
Rod Whiteley, Qatar 

Thursday 27 September

Session 12: The groin/hip enigma in sports

Groin pain: anatomy and diagnosis– what do I need to know as a team physician? >>>
Adam Weir, The Netherlands/Qatar 

Imaging in groin pain – what do I need to know as a team physician? >>>
Üstün Aydıngöz, Turkey 

Treatment of groin injuries >>>
Per Hölmich, Denmark

The hip in athletic groin pain >>>
Jón Karlsson, Sweden