Call for Workshop


Workshops (40-50 minutes)
Workshops are interactive discussions or demonstrations on a topic or issue in sports injury/illness prevention. These could be related to practical injury prevention programmes (e.g. exercise programmes), skills (e.g. taping, bracing), or methodological issues of particular relevance to researchers in the area. Workshops are informal, with 1 – 2 speakers (2 maximum), intending to give a maximum of 25 attendees a chance to “meet the expert”.
The deadline for workshop submission is 1 September 2016. Workshops will only be accepted via the Internet. NO exceptions will be made for late workshops.

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Your proposal should follow the format below, but must – in addition – also include a description of the value and significance of the topic and speaker(s) to enable the scientific committee to judge the merit of the proposal. Note: This description should be a maximum of one page – do NOT send CVs or publication lists for speakers, except for proposals for unopposed keynote lectures.

1. Title of symposium, lecture of workshop
– Please do not just state the general topic to be covered, but give a specific title which describes lecture content as precisely as possible. “Catchy” titles are most welcome, especially for keynote lectures.
2. Programme including name of speakers
– Specific titles for each lecture and name of speaker for each topic. Again, specific titles are recommended. Specify the duration of each lecture in minutes.
3. List of speakers (2 speakers maximum)
– To include name, academic degree, title, e-mail address, mailing address.
4. Value and significance of the topic and speaker(s): description of value and significance of the topic and the speakers to enable the scientific committee to judge the merit of the proposal.