Workshop sessions

There will be 7 parallel workshop sessions scheduled as follow:
Session E – Room Scotto
Session F – Room Poulenc 1
Session G – Room Lifar 
Session H – Room Genevoix 1 
Session I – Room Genevoix 2+3
Session J – Room Bosio 1
Session K – Room Bosio 2

There will be a 10 minutes break between each workshop

The duration of each workshop should be 50 minutes maximum

Each workshop will be presented once

Thursday 16 March

11.30 – 18.30  SESSION E WORKSHOPS – Room Scotto

11.30-12.30     Getting athletes and coaches to adhere to our preventive advices – #35
Evert Verhagen (The Netherlands), Carly McKay (United Kingdom)

14.00-15.00     The Overhead Athlete: Fatigue & Injury Prevention – #36
Gretchen Oliver (USA), Hillary Plummer (USA)

15.00-16.00     Preseason assessment in athletes: How to plan preventive interventions? - #84
 Luciana Mendonça (Brazil), Natália Bittencourt (Brazil)

16.30-17.30     What psychological techniques work in injury prevention? Practical solutions and strategies – #87
Ulrika Tranaeus (Sweden), Andreas Ivarsson (Sweden)

17.30-18.30     How Olympic Weightlifting is raising the bar on Nations’ well-being - #295
Davy Snowdon (United Kingdom)

Thursday 16 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION F WORKSHOPS – Room Poulenc 1

     What is “(de)hydration” and how can we best monitor it? – #97
Tamara Hew-Butler (USA), Joseph Verbalis (USA)

14.00-15.00     TBA

15.00-16.00     Taping and Bracing: Do they have a Role in Injury Prevention? – #104
Marie-Elaine Grant (Ireland / Switzerland)

16.30-17.30     “Quicker, more skilful, more spectacular”– Rugby Sevens – How to deliver an injury prevention programme in a performance focussed environment – #757
Simon Kemp (United Kingdom), Jo Larkin (United Kingdom)

17.30-18.30     Bodies of gods, teeth of yobs:promoting good oral health in sport – #297
Julie Gallagher (United Kingdom)

Thursday 16 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION G WORKSHOPS - Room Lifar

11.30-12.30     Predicting the Future: The Development of the WTA Tennis Specific Screen – #120
Belinda Smith (Australia), Jodie Dakic (Australia)

14.00-15.00     Evidenced-informed strategies for the prevention of chronic ankle instability following lateral ankle sprain – #127
Eamonn Delahunt (Ireland), Gribble Phillip (USA)

15.00-16.00     TBA

16.30-17.30     Prevention of illness and injury in golf, a new Olympic sport – #156
Andrew Murray (United Kingdom), Roger Hawkes (United Kingdom)

17.30-18.30     Risky business – can screening help us make quality return to sport decisions – #627 Nicol van Dyk (Qatar), Clare Ardern (Sweden)

Thursday 16 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION H WORKSHOPS - Room Genevoix 1

11.30-12.30     Reducing the Risk of Concussions in Young Athletes by Implementing Evidence-Based Principles: What Is the Winning Blueprint? – #514
Brooke de Lench (USA), James MacDonald (USA)

14.00-15.00     Developing a movement control intervention for injury reduction in collision sports: Lessons from Rugby Union – #180
Keith Stokes (United Kingdom)

15.00-16.00     TBA

16.30-17.30     Electrocardiographic Interpretation in Athletes – #209
Mathew Wilson (Qatar), Jonathan Drezner (USA)

17.30-18.30     Emergency action plans – The good, the bad, and the ugly – #326
Samuel Johnson (USA)

Thursday 16 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION I WORKSHOPS – Room Genevoix 2+3

11.30-12.30     How to spot snake oil and snake oil salesmen: combining evidence and practice to make a quality decision on injury prevention – #470
Clare Ardern (Sweden/Australia), Alan McCall (United Kingdom)

14.00-15.00     ECG Interpretation in Athletes – #219
Jonathan Drezner (USA)

15.00-16.00     Beating Bugs with Technology – #865
Bill Moreau (USA), Charudutt Shah (USA)

16.30-17.30     Football specific warm-up – a holistic philosophy and approach – #241
Thor Einar Andersen (Norway)

17.30-18.30     Recovery, an effective tool for injury prevention in team sports. Where is its limit? – #629
Javier Peña López (Spain)

Thursday 16 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION J WORKSHOPS – Room Bosio 1

11.30-12.30     Preventing Back Pain in Gymnasts – #250
Emily Stuart (USA)

14.00-15.00     Making Sense of Concussion in Aquatic Sports – #253
James Miller (USA), Cees-Rein Van Den Hooganband (The Netherlands)

15.00-16.00     How to conduct your sports injury study on modifiable risk factors with low risk of bias Karolinska Handball Study – a practical example – #275
Lena Holm (Sweden), Martin Asker (Sweden)

16.30-17.30     Harnessing Neurocognition for Sports Performance and Rehabilitation – #259
Daniel Herman (USA), Zach Sutton (USA)

17.30-18.30     Upper Extremity Examarama – #633
Mark Hutchinson (USA), Bill Moreau (USA), Ann Cools (Belgium), Babette Pluim (The Netherlands), Juan Manuel Alonso (Qatar)

Thursday 16 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION K WORKSHOPS – Room Bosio 2

11.30-12.30     Using a novel tennis stroke efficiency rating to determine performance and injury risk: Is it how you hit a ball, or how much? – #263
Neeru Jayanthi (USA), Marc Kovacs (USA)

14.00-15.00     Unique Aspects of the Periodic Health Evaluation for Injury and Illness Prevention in Paralympic Athletes: A Case-Based Discussion – #276
Cheri Blauwet (USA), Bill Moreau (USA)

15.00-16.00     The Past, Present, and Future of Medical Records in the Prevention Injury and Illness in Athletes: The Team USA Model – #279
Bill Moreau (USA), Dustin Nabhan (USA)

16.30-17.30     Prevention of Concussion in sport: Cervical spine and Vestibular considerations – #293
Kathryn Schneider (Canada), Geoff Schneider (Canada)

17.30-18.30     A new method for evaluation of sport specific performance and injury mechanisms within competitions – 3D markerless motion capture – #664
Philipp Russ (Germany)

Friday 17 March
09.30 – 19.00  SESSION E WORKSHOPSRoom Scotto

09.30-10.30     Injury prevention in Olympic style boxing- past, present and future – #371
Jahnavi Dande (India), Anirban Mallick (India)

11.30-12.30     Comparing Adductor Squeeze Tests: Detection = Prevention – #409
Neil Light (United Kingdom), Richard Clark (United Kingdom)

17.00-18.00     Football injury epidemiological surveillance experience: past, present and future – #413
Karim Chamari, Mokhtar Chaabane (Qatar)

18.00-19.00     Hamstring injury rehabilitation and prevention of reinjury using lengthened state eccentric training – #421
Malachy P McHugh (USA), Timothy F Tyler (USA)

Friday 17 March
09.30 – 19.00  SESSION F WORKSHOPS – Room Poulenc 1

09.30-10.30     From Paper to Practice – Developing and implementing sports injury prevention interventions that make a difference – #432
Alex Donaldson (Australia), Katherine Snedaker (USA)

11.30-12.30     Innovative Injury Prevention Strategy: Using Breathing Exercises to Restore Motor Control – #435
Masafumi Terada (Japan), Ryoko Shiroma (Japan)

17.00-18.00     The Elite Overhead Athlete’s Shoulder: Balancing on the Continuum between Performance and Pathologyl – #443
Stijn Bogaerts (Belgium), Styn Vereecken (Belgium)

18.00-19.00     Peeking behind the curtain; how to use qualitative approaches to develop optimized care and prevention for athletes – #573
Evert Verhagen (The Netherlands), Caroline Bolling (The Netherlands)

Friday 17 March
09.30 – 19.00  SESSION G WORKSHOPSRoom Lifar

09.30-10.30     Hip joint stability training – not just for dancing athletes – #474
Susan Mayes (Australia)

11.30-12.30     Explosive Strength Training for Injury Prevention – It’s a hip thing to do! – #478
Marc Norcross (USA), Sam Johnson (USA)

17.00-18.00     What does a multiscale modelling approach add to the analysis of injury mechanisms in sport impacts? The quest for valid measures and the missing knowledge – #491
Ezio Preatoni (United Kingdom), Dario Cazzola (United Kingdom)

18.00-19.00     The Brain Game: Preventing injury and illness through athlete psychological health surveillance – the gap in current IOC/IF surveillance protocols – #493
Saul Marks (Canada)

Friday 17 March
09.30 – 19.00  SESSION H WORKSHOPSRoom Genevoix 1

09.30-10.30     Preventing hamstring muscle injuries by sprint acceleration performance evaluation: What? How? When? – #502
Pascal Edouard (France), Jean-Benoît Morin (France)

11.30-12.30     Endurance exercise in extreme environments – How to prevent injury and illness – #501
Stephen Boyce (United Kingdom), Andrew Murray (United Kingdom)

17.00-18.00     TBA

18.00-19.00     Self-taping techniques for sport injury prevention - #525
Maria António Castro (Portugal), José Esteves (Portugal)

Friday 17 March
09.30 – 19.00  SESSION I WORKSHOPSRoom Genevoix 2+3

09.30-10.30     Oxidative stress and Overtraining Syndrome – #545
Davide Susta (Ireland), Oleg Glazachev (Russian Federation)

11.30-12.30     How to use systematic reviews to inform quality decision making for injury prevention – #547
Clare Ardern (Sweden/Australia), Adam Weir (Qatar/The Netherlands)

17.00-18.00     Prevention and Rehabilitation in Sports 2.0 – #557
Sven Friese (Germany)

18.00-19.00     Ultrasound Measurement of Subcutaneous Adipose Tissue in Elite Athletes 2 – #559
Wolfram Müller (Austria), Alfred Fürhapter-Rieger (Austria), Tim Ackland (Australia), Jorunn Kaiander-Sundgot-Borgen (Norway), Timothy G. Lohman (USA), Ronald J. Maughan (United Kingdom), Nanna L. Meyer (USA)

Friday 17 March
11.30 – 18.30  SESSION J WORKSHOPSRoom Bosio 1

09.30-10.30     Bringing complexity to sports injury prevention research: What it is and how to do it – #560
Sheree Bekker (Australia), Alexander M Clark (Canada)

11.30-12.30     How to prevent recurrence of hamstring muscle injury – #571
Rod Whiteley (Qatar), Forster Bruce (Canada)

17.00-18.00     Return to sport after ACL reconstruction: What to know? What to do? – #456
Bart Dingenen (Belgium), Alli Gokeler (The Netherlands)

18.00-19.00     The future is here and it is digital – are you prepared? How to make social media and digital tools work for you? – #582
Nirmala Perera (Australia), Karen Litzy (USA)

Friday 17 March
11.30 – 18.30   SESSION K WORKSHOPSRoom Bosio 2

09.30-10.30     Get them to the start line healthy – How to prevent illness in your team – #601
Yorck Olaf Schumacher (Qatar), Martin Schwellnus (South Africa)

11.30-12.30     Compensation and Insufficiencies: Moving Towards a Consensus for Screening Movement Quality in Athletes to Predict Injury Risk – #608
Jackie Whittaker (Canada), Anna Frohm (Sweden)

17.00-18.00     Modern protection equipment in Olympic sports – Better injury prevention and earlier return to play?! – #610
Werner Krutsch (Germany), Karlheinz Waibel (Germany), Hartmut Semsch (Germany)

18.00-19.00         Reducing injury risk in elite female soccer – #616
Stephen Boyce (United Kingdom), Oliver Davies (United Kingdom)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 16.30  SESSION E WORKSHOPSRoom Scotto

09.30-10.30     Orienting biomechanics research for sports injury prevention – #669
Andrew McIntosh (Australia),Tron Krosshaug (Norway)

11.30-12.30     Stepping up Clinical Evaluation Tools: A novel method for assessing dynamic knee stability during a single leg squat – #685
Kerith Aginsky (Israel/South Africa), Maya Cale-Benzoor (Israel)

14.30-15.30     Continuous monitoring in team sports: follow-up Belgian Field-Hockey team during Rio Olympics 2016 – #698
Steven Probst (Belgium), Arne Jaspers (Belgium)

15.30-16.30     “To screen or not to screen” – musculoskeletal screening tests that make sense – #708
Andrea Mosler (Qatar), Nicol van Dyk (Qatar)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 16.30  SESSION F WORKSHOPS – Room Poulenc 1

09.30-10.30     Swimming faster by training harder; an experience of a novel screening programme in elite swimmers – #710
Jon Greenwell (United Kingdom), James Hull (United Kingdom)

11.30-12.30     Determining Brain Fitness to Fight: What We’ve Learned From Combat Sports – #723
Tad Seifert (USA), Charles Bernick (USA)

14.30-15.30     The menstrual cycle influence on performance parameters – #729
Patricia Doyle-Baker (Canada), Constance Lebrun (Canada)

15.30-16.30     Get hip with injury prevention by providing a correct hip screening examination – #741
Bill Moreau (USA), Marc Philippon (USA)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 16.30  SESSION G WORKSHOPS – Room Lifar

09.30-10.30     Sport with boundaries Prevention sexual violence in sport using the ‘Flag system’ – #745
Tine Vertommen (Belgium), Kristine De Martelaer (Belgium/The Netherlands)

11.30-12.30     “Blink and you’ll miss it”; The utility of real-time video review in the identification of the concussed athlete – #755
Simon Kemp (United Kingdom), Martin Raftery (Ireland)

14.30-15.30     Does Core Stability have a Role in Injury Prevention? – #103
Marie-Elaine Grant (Ireland / Switzerland), Evert Verhagen (The Netherlands)

15.30-16.30     A journey from research to strategy: Questions, answers and solutions to reduce the risk of head injury – #758
Ross Tucker (Ireland), Martin Raftery (Ireland)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 16.30  SESSION H WORKSHOPS – Room Genevoix 1

09.30-10.30     Athletic footwear in 2016. Minimalism, Maximalism and futurism. What can we expect? – #760
Simon Bartold (Australia)

11.30-12.30     Mirror mirror on the wall…which is the most appropriate statistical method of them all?: Correct statistical approaches for evaluating prevention strategies – #796
Luz Palacios-Derflingher (Canada), Alberto Nettel-Aguirre (Canada)

14.30-15.30     The practical application of force platform technology in injury risk screening and return to play – #807
Philip Graham-Smith (Qatar), Daniel Cohen (Colombia)

15.30-16.30     How understanding the mechanism of all musculoskeletal injuries is required for injury prevention – #817
Geoffrey Verrall (Australia)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 16.30  SESSION I WORKSHOPS – Room Genevoix 2+3

09.30-10.30     The role of equipment design & innovation in injury prevention and management – lessons from team GB Rio 2016 – #825
Lucy Follett (United Kingdom), Caroline Lander (United Kingdom), Ash Wallace (United Kingdom)

11.30-12.30     ACL Prevention: Easy to get an athlete back, but how to keep them there? – #833
Miranda O’Hara (Australia), Nick Ames (Australia)

14.30-15.30     Orthopedic bracing applications: Learn three taping techniques in 45 minutes or less – #834
Emma Jonsson (USA)

15.30-16.30     The compliance conundrum: How can we improve compliance in the world of injury prevention? – #832
Holly Silvers-Granelli (USA), Mario Bizzini (Switzerland)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 15.30  SESSION J WORKSHOPS – Room Bosio 1

09.30-10.30     Optimizing load for injury prevention. The 3 Ms: Managing load, Maximizing performance, Minimizing injury – #841
Nicola Phillips (The Netherlands / United Kingdom), Phil Glasgow (The Netherlands/Switzerland), Mario Bizzini (The Netherlands/Switzerland)

11.30-12.30     Practical Sideline Management of Dental and Orofacial Injuries for the Sport Physician – #843
Paul Piccininni (Canada), Anthony Clough (United Kingdom)

14.30-15.30     Decreasing the incidence of ACL injuries through graded dampening of the visual system during training – #844
Donn Dimond (USA), Matt Weissbach (USA)

Saturday 18 March
09.30 – 16.30  SESSION K WORKSHOPSRoom Bosio 2

09.30-10.30     Proprioception Measurement in Knee Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation: Where Existing Tests Are Failing and Why We’re Missing the Target – #873
Nicholas Clark (United Kingdom)

11.30-12.30     Sport psychiatry from perspective Traditional Chinese Medicine – #889
Li Jing Zhu (China)

14.30-15.30     TBA

15.30-16.30    “How many days to the Games?” A case-study analysis of the psychological impact of the timing of injury and recovery across the Olympic Quadrennial – #902
Tadhg MacIntyre (Ireland), Jessie Barr (Ireland)